Para-Invicta was born out of the idea that sport, especially in terms of student fests organised across the country has become exclusive and competitive in nature. Sports has fixated on the glamour involved within, as a result of which ‘inclusiveness’ has taken a backseat. This is evident from the cases of Deepa Malik and Sharad Kumar who have represented India globally and are still never recognised.

In this backdrop, we conceptualised a fest aimed at fostering a sense of inclusiveness and removing the stereotypical restrictions present in the arena of sports. We managed to gather differently abled students from across the country, who participated in various events that were specifically organized for them. We also invited local NGO’s and schools within Kolkata who could allow their differently abled students to participate.


In previous editions, the number of participants was approximately 200. This shall be the third edition of ParaInvicta and we promise to increase the participation and provide the differently abled students with better facilities.

We do not charge a single rupee in either registration or even accommodation fees from the participants for Para-Invicta.

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